About us

Modern Home Remodeling is a full service general contractor company providing services throughout the Chicago area and the surrounding suburbs.  We have over 15 years of experience assisting both residential and commercial customers with their various home and business remodeling projects. From bathroom and kitchen renovations to comprehensive exterior remodeling, Modern Home Remodeling has the experience to ensure that your remodeling project is done thoroughly with complete professionalism. Our many years of experience has enabled us to build relationships with a number of homeowners and businesses that rely on us consistently for all of their interior and exterior remodeling needs. Our customers have the assurance that Modern Home Remodeling will provide top-notch remodeling services that will greatly improve the overall appearance of a residential or commercial property.

Modern Home Remodeling is fully licensed, bonded and insured which provides our customers with a sense of assurance that we are a legitimate company that is seriously dedicated to providing high quality interior and exterior remodeling services to the general public. We want our customers to know that they can depend on us to provide exceptional contracting services that are suited to specific remodeling wants and needs. We understand that although people may have a specific vision for a project, they may not necessarily understand what to expect when pursuing a remodeling project for the interior or exterior of their home. Modern Home Remodeling always seeks to educate our customers thoroughly about their specific remodeling project so that they will know what to expect from beginning to finish.

Our commercial customers also rely on Modern Home Remodeling for our many years of experience providing interior and exterior remodeling services for commercial properties throughout the Chicago area. We work closely with builders and developers to help them to create the physical manifestation of their interior and exterior remodeling vision for their properties.

Modern Home Remodeling continues to provide excellence in interior and exterior remodeling through the Chicago area. Let us help you remodel you home or business property today. Contact us for a free estimate to get started right away.